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Questions to Ask before Hiring your Real Estate Broker

Asking the right questions during the interview when hiring a real estate broker can spare you from headaches later on. The answers you will solicit from the candidates will give you an idea as to which agent can represent your best interests. 

As of now, you might still be looking for a real estate broker. You can ask for referrals from your friends and family. Or you can search the internet for a list of realtors who are working within your area. Try Trulia’s Find an Agent feature where you can find agents based on their target neighborhood, specialization, and skill set. Some of these agents have their own websites. You can visit their webpage to know more about them before inviting them for an interview. Putting your Sonoma Valley homes for sale is a critical thing, you have to make sure you will be able to work with the right broker.

As much as possible, avoid hiring agents that are so close to you like a friend or a relative. You want someone whom you can “straight talk” about business, without any extra baggage attached. Look for somebody whom you are comfortable talking to. He should also need to have the same personality as yours so that you can jell together. In other words, choose the most qualified broker in terms of skills, experience, and personality. 

Here are the questions you need to ask when interviewing a real estate broker: 

1.Which client do you find comfortable working with: a buyer or a seller? Why? 

2.Which neighborhood do you usually work? 

3.Are you going to do the entire process alone or you will need professional help along the way? In other words, will you handle all aspects of my transactions or you will delegate some tasks to another person? If he says he needs to seek help from other professionals, acknowledge that it might not be necessary. Supposing he insists that he needs help, ask if it will cost you additional fee or he will take care of it. 

4.Will he do the job part-time or full-time? 

  1. What is his average closed sale in a year?
  2. How many clients is he working for now? (If he has many, it might mean  that he is an efficient seller) 
  3. Isyour license not expired? (You can check the agent’s certification online through the Department of Real Estate website) 

8.What course did you take in college? How do you think it prepares you for this job? 

9.For how many years now you are doing this job? What is the most challenging situation you had and how did you resolve it? 

10.Can you give me names and contact information of your past clients who have agreed to be references? (His clients’ feedbacks can help you know him better and give you a greater comfort level).