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Prospecting Tactics for Real Estate Agents

Prospecting is a part of every salesman’s life. As a real estate agent, prospecting will become your everyday routine.  There are the “tried and tested” ways of generating new leads but a realtor can always create out-of-the-box methods on how to attract potential clients. A successful realtor tries to do both, which means he will do the tasks that are proven effective for so many years and doing a marketing campaign that stands-out in an online community. 

Here are a few suggestions on how you can successful hunt for your next clients: 

  1. Get connected with your established network regularly. Your friends and family are your first networks. Let them know that you are a real estate agent and you need their help. However, even if they are close to you, don’t expect that help will come easily. Some of them will be a cold source, which is okay. Don’t take it personally. Your relationship with them is still far more important than prospecting. 
  2. Do online content marketing. Embrace the help of digital age. You can create a website where you can post videos and graphics of your current listings and the status of the real estate market in general. You can also create blogs with articles centred on home improvement, decors, gardening and other interesting features that have light-hearted topics. You can share your website on your own Facebook page, and ask your network to do the same on their own accounts.  
  3. Be the trusted authority when it comes to real estate information in your area. Real estate is what you do so you better do it well. You want to be known as the go-to person when someone is in need of a property. To be this guy, you need to have the real knowledge about your listings and its neighborhoods. Be familiar with the local laws, the latest trends, as well as the future economic plan for an area. Understand all angles about the place. Once you develop the reputation as a very knowledgeable real estate agent, referrals from other people will easily come. 
  4. Do community works. Join community clubs such as gardening, church club, sports, and community service. By doing this, you are expanding your network. The more people know you, the more the possibility that they will turn to you if they need a real estate agent. 
  5. Do prospecting activities such as door-to-door knocking, mailing, networking, sending emails, and putting mall stalls where you can give flyers and discuss your business to the shoppers.