What Spots Often Get Overlooked When Cleaning?

What Spots Often Get Overlooked When Cleaning?

People think that cleaning is an easy task that just needs some effort and it will be done perfectly. However, if you are not working as a professional house cleaner, be sure that you are 100% making mistakes and overlooking. It is not about how hard or how often you clean your home. Even if you clean it daily, you will still make mistakes.

Overlooking is not only about the areas under the sofa or the corners. We will show you in this guide how hard it is to get your home clean perfectly. When you apply these tips, you will see the difference.

1. Ceiling Cobwebs & Baseboard Dust:

• Stand up, look up, and notice the cobwebs. You can see them accumulating along the top edge of the wall at the meeting point with the ceiling. Look at the corners and you will see them.
•We recommend that you buy a long-handled dusting tool and use it to get rid of these cobwebs at least once per month.
• The baseboards usually tend to collect dust. That is why you should wipe them down and trim. Use either a furniture polish or a rag dampened with water; they both work.

2. Doorknobs & Telephones:

•What is the common thing between doorknobs and telephones? They both are touched daily and frequently by many hands. These surfaces carry many germs from different people. That is why they should have a certain treatment.
• The best treatment for these surfaces is to use an antibacterial solution. Choose a powerful antibacterial cleaner and wipe the surfaces with it daily or twice per week.
• You can use any household cleaner to wipe these surfaces. However, it is better to get an antibacterial agent to get this mission done.
• Look around your home and make a list of the surfaces touched by many hands. Make sure to include them in your cleaning routine and to use an antibacterial solution with them.

• Final Words:

If you are new to the world of cleaning, make sure to read all the labels of cleaning products. You should also read online about each product, how it works and what it does. Knowing these pieces of information is important in determining what you can use and what you cannot use. They will also save you a lot of time, money, and effort. You will not put your home or yourself in danger because most cleaning products are somehow dangerous and may cause health problems. Also, know more about what cleaning supplies and tools are helpful here.