Cleaning Tips: How to keep your Home Gym Clean?

Cleaning Tips: How to keep your Home Gym Clean?

Cleaning your home gym is different from cleaning the rest of your home. The equipment used is different and some pieces need special attention. In this guide, we have made a list of the points you should take care of in order to keep your home gym clean.

1. Dusting is Essential:

Here is what you should keep in mind while dusting your home gym.
•Dusting is the best first step to get your home gym clean. It is important to keep fresh, clean air all over your home. Fresh air is good for your heart rate and lung expansion.
•Remove dust from all surfaces using a clean piece of cloth. Microfiber cloth can trap dust and prevent it from spreading.
• Start on top and go down to keep dust from spreading around.
• You use gym machines heavily. Notice any wear out while dusting.

2. Wipe Down Your Gym Completely:

Dusting is the first step. Here is what you should do next.
• You should clean your machines with an all-purpose cleaner. It is the best cleaner for handles, rails, and grips.
•You can make your homemade cleaner by mixing vinegar, baking soda, essential oil, and warm water. The essential oil should have antifungal and antimicrobial effects to eliminate any harmful organisms. Put the solution in a spray bottle to make it easier to use.

3. Removing Grime on Gym Accessories:

Your gym accessories (Stability balls, bands, and other accessories), weights (including free weights), kettle belles are used every day. They get grimy over time. That is why you should use warm water mixed with soap to get them clean. Use a clean piece of cloth to wipe them.
It is simple. Enter your home gym and move with a wet piece of cloth the same way you move when you train. Once you finish wiping them, use another dry, clean piece of cloth to dry the equipment.
Do not forget your exercise mats. They need regular cleaning since you use them regularly and other family members may use them too.
It is also recommended to check the manufacturer’s guide and instructions about cleaning the equipment. They will show you how to clean each equipment. Some need washing and others may need scrubbing and wiping. They will also include some tips about how to clean without causing any problems.

5. Keep All the Towels Clean:

You will use towels to wipe the machines after using them. They keep your equipment fresh and smell great all the time.

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