How to clean carpet bleach stains?

How to clean carpet bleach stains?

Carpet bleach stains are among the hardest stains that can affect a carpet because they are quite visible and difficult to remove as compared to other normal stains. The purpose of bleach is to remove the pigment of a material and when it falls on a carpet, it will decolorize those areas of the carpet that have been affected by the spillage. The bleach will perform its action immediately; therefore, the affected areas will have a contrasting color as compared to other areas of the carpet due to which visible stains will appear. However, in case quick action is carried out when bleach spills on a carpet then it will be possible to reduce the extent of damage and increase the probability to carry out an effective recovery process later.

Therefore, in this article, we will explain a standard process with the help of which people will be able to remove carpet bleach stains in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Supplies required to perform the process

A few supplies will be required in the process of removing carpet bleach stains since people will have to remove bleach content from the carpet and then recover those areas that have been affected by the spillage. Some of the supplies required in the whole process are given below:

  1. Cleaning agent: It will be required in order to remove bleach content from the carpet. We recommend using a dishwasher cleaner for performing the process because it is quite effective in removing bleach from carpets and provides satisfactory results.
  2. Brush: It will help in removing bleach content from the carpet during the process. Performing this process will also enable people to perform the restoration process in an effective manner.
  3. Pigment: A pigment similar in color to the carpet will be required in order to perform the restoration process. We recommend obtaining a high-quality pigment, which will be able to treat the affected areas effectively. 

Steps involved in performing the cleaning and restoration process

We recommend people to take necessary precautionary measures before performing the process in order to protect the quality of carpet material. Some of the steps involved in the process are given below:

  1. In the first step, wash the areas where bleach has spilled using water so that the deep cleaning process can be carried out.
  2. Now, apply cleaning agents on these areas carefully. 
  3. Using a brush, rub the affected areas of the carpet in order to carry out deep cleaning tips.
  4. Continue the rubbing process until carpet bleach stains start to get removed.
  5. Wash the carpet again with the help of water in order to remove bleach and cleaning agent residue.
  6. Now, the mark those areas that have been affected so that the restoration process can be performed.
  7. In the marked areas, apply the pigment in a careful manner in order to restore a uniform color of the carpet. The process of applying the pigment should be performed in a careful manner so that pigment concentration remains uniform in all areas.

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